Versatile system

In addition to machines, we also offer applications. The core of it all is the Beacon control system, which adapts according to each situation. Even afterwards, as situations develop. We can use it to combine different technology with our own lines. Sometimes all you need is a movable cassette without the lower frame. Sometimes you need robots and efficient conveyor systems. The Compact Line system can be adapted according to each situation.
Get to know below the various solutions we have developed together with our clients.

Time is money

It shouldn’t take too long to ramp-up the new line. Compact lines are delivered assembled and tested. Their installation is very quick..

What are your needs?

Did you find a suitable application? Or could it be made in another way? Contact us and we will find the optimal solution for this exact situation together.

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Beacon Factory.

A control system that covers all needs

Modern control system

Beacon Factory is designed for roll forming applications. It can be a hand-held terminal or a complete system for several lines. It can be connected to the factory’s production control systems and it makes remote servicing access possible. It adapts to the needs of the operator or maintenance, and offers the production manager an extensive range of tools and reports.

Wireless connections

Compact technology offers flexibility and even movability. The control system must not limit that in any way. Wireless connections are modern and also safe. It is possible to operate the machine using a wireless hand-held terminal. Information can be read and entered into the system wirelessly using a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone.

A vast number of features

Beacon Factory offers many highly developed tools. It can be used to store information about customers, materials and orders. It reports and calculates statistics from production. It remembers previous orders and new ones can be entered via an Internet connection from e.g. the sales office.

Let us tell you more

This may seem complicated. Let us surprise you positively. We will make it exactly the way you need it. No more no less. And it isn’t at all expensive.