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COMPACT LINE roll forming lines

Small and high-quality roll forming lines for narrow products

Welcome to get to know us, and to be surprised. We made heavy and clumsy production lines a thing of the past. Now they are small and flexible. Even so, they are used to produce the best, number one quality. And due to our new technology, they are affordable. They are entirely manufactured in Finland, and that’s why they can be trusted!

People rely on us

Nearly 80 Compact lines and numerous Beacon control systems have been ordered from us. They are all developed and manufactured by us. Everything is made entirely in Finland. We trust our own expertise and that is why we are also trusted.

  • On the roof

Compact standing seam lines

High-quality standing seam roof panels

New product innovations

ProLock Vario is an example of a new generation of lock seam profile. It fits the roof tightly instead of leaving one edge loose, to let wind under it. When a “Sound Control” soundproofing felt is glued to the product, a space for it will be automatically left between the sheet and the roof.

ProLock Vario

ProLock Vario with felt

Automation solutions of the new era

“Sound Control” felt helps improve the soundproofing of vertical joint sheets. The felt can be glued automatically on the production line. Manual packing of vertical joint sheets is slow and heavy work. A robot and film rolling makes the process more affordable and quicker

Assembling the felt

Robot palletising

Compact cassette system

Start small and expand later.

Flexible and reasonably priced

The system is very well suited for manufacturing flashings. Different structures can be flexibly built over the cassette framework. Also fixed and separate lines. And the cassettes will work even on a pallet. This is a cost-effective solution that will change your ideas of what should be manufactured with roll foaming. Read more about our applications
  • The toughest

Compact gutter lines

Top quality in movable and fixed lines.

The small giant

Tradable outer bead gutter from an on-site truck. Or from a line on the factory floor that is less than six meters long. No one else can do that. And definitely not at our prices. That tells you something about the new, patented technology. We use it on all our products. If it works on construction sites throughout the year, it can be relied on anywhere.

Taking part in a world record

Our client decided to make a long gutter. It became 1080m long. It would have been longer, but the space ran out. The gutter was made on the movable, 4.5 meters long Compact Line G130 roll forming line. No changes were made on it for the experiment.

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